Panel discussion: Takeaway Theatre

Moderator: Natalie Fainstein

2020 was tough on the world of theatre. Everywhere you looked theatres shut down, ensembles disassembled, and cultural funds were cut, leaving thousands of actors, directors, playwrights, designers, stage workers, producers, musicians, and many more out of work. Shows destined to travel abroad were forced to stay home, with little or no hope of ever making the trip. In the foreseeable future, so it seems, only small, “compact” productions will be able to travel due to budgetary cuts and comprehensive reorganization. How will this affect international exchanges between theatres? Will it change the way theatre-makers devise their next project? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter as, together, we contemplate the future.

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Michal Svironi – Creator and Performer, Carte Blanche
Moti Brecher – Creator and Performer, Painted Floor, Mediterranean View
Mica Kupfer – Creator and Performer, By Virtue of the Same Movement
Rotem Nachmany – Creator and Performer, Scrambled