A Song and Fiend-Filled Jewish Tale

Based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer; Adapted for the stage by Roni Sinai; Directed by Shirili Deshe

Who is the mysterious demon that shows up in Teibele’s room twice a week, making her heart flutter?
Is it fear she feels, or is it a devil she knows?
Teibele is a cheerful young woman, a salesclerk in a fabric store, whose husband disappears one day, leaving her a stranded, agunah, unable to remarry.
Alchonon, a poor melamed’s assistant, knows he stands no chance with her; posing as a demon, though, earns him some wild nights of passionate fantasy.
Will fantasy prevail, or is reality nothing like we thought it would be?
Teibele and Her Demon is considered one of the high points of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s oeuvre. It is presented here in a modern, up-to-date version.

Roni Sinai is a playwright, director, and translator. He was born in Jerusalem, and is a graduate of Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. His writing and directing credits include Stephen, winner of four prizes at the Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre; Oil on Cloth, winner of the Israeli Fringe Theatre Award; Wool Dog, third-year project at Nissan Nativ, which was then performed in independent theatres; Freeing Bin Laden, graduation project at Nissan Nativ; The Big Win at Beer Sheva Theatre, based on Sholem Aleichem; and Sweet Potatoes, The Incubator Theater. He directed the international Indian musical Baharati in collaboration with Shirili Deshe and Jojo Kahan. Other writing credits include Israel Journal and Boomerang, Haifa Theatre; monologues for the international production of Baharati 2; She’s a Robot (collaboration with Uzi Weil), Habima National Theatre; and Fatso (collaboration with Etgar Keret), Cameri Theatre. He translated and directed The Prisoner of Second Avenue by Neil Simon at Beer Sheva Theatre, and adapted Carlo Goldoni’s The Coffee Shop.

Shirili Deshe specializes in physical theatre. For the past twenty years she has been acting, directing, and writing for the stage and for TV. She is a graduate of the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, and the Jacques Lecoq Physical Theatre School, Paris. Her acting credits include the monodrama Small Drama, winner of the Theatronetto Festival; Comedy in Freestyle at the Israel Festival; and To All the Devils (Bashevis Singer stories) at The Cameri Theatre. She was a member of the Young Ensemble at Habima National Theatre. In Haifa Municipal Theatre she created the show Goodbye and Not Au Revoir, and was co-writer of the musical Billy Schwartz. Directing credits also include Little Shop of Horrors, Zaza’s Friends (Best Director Award at the Haifa Festival), and Fatso at The Cameri Theatre (recipient of the Millo Prize). She co-directed the successful international Indian show Bharati and Bharati 2. For Orna Porat Children’s Theatre she wrote and co-directed The Seven Dwarfs, A Sour Face, and Two Are Better (winner of the ASSITEJ Award), among others. Her TV work includes a documentary series about her father, Pasha; a comic series she wrote, A Cool Place to Live; and series she directed, Golden Girls and Children of the Tree House (winner of the Israeli Academy Awards for Writing and Directing).

Based on Literature Women
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