A Wandering Memorial Exhibition.

A personal performance piece by Nadav Bossem.

Space Design: Annie Atedgy; Video art: Eyal Tagar; Quartets design: Vered Reshef-Gozlan.

The work, which is actually a guided exhibition tour through the recreated apartment of Nadav’s mother, forces us to ask questions about grief, about the legacy people leave behind, and how memory can be shaped and re-shaped.
Accompanied by two actresses who act as Memory Stewardesses, Nadav invites the audience to visit the unique Memorial Exhibition he created for his mother, to get to know her life through the different objects, letters, books, lists, and dresses she left, and eventually invites us to play Mother Quartets!
By means of this action of recreating the house where his mother lived for fifty years, Nadav raises question we are all concerned with: What is left of us after we die? Are we the sum of the things we leave behind? How do we deal with grief and loss of our loved ones? Can we re-shape their memory with all the little objects and mementos they left? Can we hold on to their memory but let go of the objects?


Nadav Bossem was born in Jerusalem in 1974, and trained at the prestigious Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. After he graduated, he moved to Tel Aviv, where he lives and works as a performer, writer, comedian, and host.
Over the years, Nadav has played various characters in a variety of independent theatre productions: Dionysus in The Bacchae, Talthybius in The Trojan Women, Frantz in Unschuld, Lewis Carroll in Humpty Dumpty, Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung, and Victims of Duty, to name but a few.
By creating and performing his own material, Nadav seeks to challenge audiences with conflictual issues of gender and political content.
Girls in Arms, for instance, is a site-responsive fictive heritage tour that takes place in changing locations. In Asses Read Poetry he portrayed the character of a religious female settler who is a poet. The play was awarded Best Interdisciplinary Work at the Sha’ar International Poetry Festival in 2005.
Things I Found in My Mother’s Closet, Nadav’s latest work, was first performed in the 2017 A-Genre Festival at Tmu-na Theatre 2017.

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