An intimate and minimalist table theater that combines hand puppetry, story telling, and object theater.

Created and Performed by Meital Raz

I want you to know that my mother and I have the exact same hands, feminine, but rough, with dry skin, and nails that grow long and strong. My Grandma had them too, and my daughter got also them. I want you to know that with our hands we can do many things: cut vegetables, braid a quick braid, stroke, scrape, pinch really hard, and also do theater show. We can inspire characters in them and travel to different places.
With the help of ten fingers, facial expressions, and a few small objects, Meital introduces us to her world. She recreates a world full of humor and emotion with scenes from her life related especially to her mother and daughter.

Meital Raz is a Director, performer and puppeteer. She graduated from the School of visual theater in 2010 and since then has been working as an independent artist in the contemporary visual theater scene, creating her own work as well as directing and participating in creations of others. Her works have been presented in more than twenty countries. Among her stage works: The Adventurer Guide (director) for the Train theater; Play Dead (creator and performer, in collaboration with serigrapher Lee Meir); Domingo Gonzales – the Man in the Moon (creator and performer); Of Course – A Horse! (creator and performer, in collaboration with designer Keren Dembinsky); The Story of Dummi & Dumma (creator and performer, in collaboration with designer Keren Dembinsky); Elizabeth (creator and performer, in collaboration with director Itay Weiser and designer Keren Dembinsky); Zebra (creator and performer). Her TV work, as puppeteer or performer, include: Aviram Kats, Nice butterfly 2, Ely the Cat, Nice butterfly 1, The big nothing, Little monsters. She created, wrote, and performed Michael 01 and Michael 02.

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