A sequence of extreme physical endeavors through the encountering of bodies and logs.

Created and performed by Dror Lieberman; Kazuyo Shionoiri

A group of performers is thrown into a sequence of extreme physical encounters with wooden logs. Governed by strict yet hidden regularities, they carry out various activities: dragging or knocking the logs, rubbing against them, experimenting with balance exercises, or trying to escape the risks of their own games. Through their reciprocal dynamic, the body and the logs return to their basic modalities as raw materials defined by their volume, weight, or texture.

The piece oscillates between subtlety and rawness, poetry and aggression, consideration and maliciousness, egoism and collaboration.

This is a brutal world, but not necessarily cruel. The hovering danger all around is caused by the performers’ proclivity to risks. Danger manifests itself also as an artistic offering. It suggests a new interpretation to the notions of vitality and somatic existence, and to their role in our disruptive era.

Kazuyo Shionoiri (Tokyo) and Dror Lieberman (Beer Sheva) are a couple in life and on stage, creating together since 2016, in various genres of performing arts.
They were both educated at Clipa Theater (Israel), where they remain active members.
Their performances appeared in numerous Israeli venues (Certain up, Intimadance, Tel Aviv Dance, Machol Shalem Showcase, International Exposure, etc.) and around the world (Germany, Japan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech republic, among others).
Their works demonstrate a wide scale of skills and abilities. It is hard to associate their works with one style or with one specific genre, as they strive to create a new language for every new piece, referring to existential questions appearing in daily life.

Noam Ben Israel (Malkishua, 1998) is a dancer and creator, works with choreographers such a Sharon Fridamn, Vertigo Dance company, and a fresh member in Clipa theater collective, his piece “BARZEL 6” presented in Suzzan Dallal center last summer.

Physical Theatre