Concept, Choreography, and Performance by Ori Lenkinski

Birth Preparation Course is an intergalactic, interactive lesson on human reproduction taught by a future species in deep space. Drawing on materials taught by midwives and doulas in birth preparation courses around the world, the performance employs text, movement, music, props, and audience participation to convey information about how each and every human came into being. The class places emphasis on the placenta, a mysterious, often hidden and essential organ. The class is held in English.

The show premiered at the Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre, 2021.

Ori J. Lenkinski is a choreographer, dancer and journalist. Her work, be it on stage, the Internet, or on paper, is devoted to exploring the connection between words and movement. Ori was born in Canada, raised in the USA and has been living in Israel since 2007. As a dancer, she worked with choreographers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Israel. Ori has been engaged in a longterm collaboration with choreographer Rachel Erdos, a union that has produced many stage and screen works. Ori’s writing has been published in The Jerusalem Post, The Huffington Post, Dance Magazine, and various other publications. She is the author of the Parental Choreography blog published by Haaretz. Ori’s body of works includes The Painting, Portrait #2, The Suit, Meet Me in the Market, Birth Preparation Course, Help Desk and the dance films Carriage and Expecting.

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