All the World is an Israeli Stage

Moderators: Roy Horovitz; Noam Semel

Maybe it is because we are a melting pot, or maybe because in Israel we live in “survival” mode, that compels artists to create as if there may be no tomorrow… Maybe we just have great PR with all the boycotts and bans against us (there is no such thing as bad publicity).
Whatever the reason, in recent years, we have seen a significant rise in the number of international productions based on Israeli texts – dramas, comedies, political plays, and even musicals, have attained enormous success in Europe, the US, China, you name it…
Don’t miss our conversation with some of Israel’s most prolific playwrights and performers, get to know their work, and find out more about our “greatest hits”!

Moderators: Roy Horovitz; Noam Semel
Moshe Kepten
Maya Arad Yasur
Yehezkel Lazarov

Panel Discussions