Opening Event

Moderators: Noam Semel and Dr. Roy Horovitz

Recent events have shown us that peace in the Middle East might not be out of reach when the right stars align. Though politically, there’s still a (very) long way to go, theatrically, these reconciliation efforts have been taking place for a while between Arabs and Jews, be it through bi-lingual productions or various attempts to rectify the past, face the present, and perhaps even look to the future with cautious optimism – on stage. Please join us at the online screening of “The Yellow Wind“, an adaptation of David Grossman’s book, which will be immediately followed by a special panel discussion on “Theater and Peace” – what is theatre’s role in bringing nations, groups, and individuals closer together?

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Hili Tropper – Minister of Culture and Sports
Ziv Nevo Kulman – Head of the Cultural Diplomacy, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thomas L. Friedman – (via video) Author and Columnist at The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize Winner
Raida Adon – Actress and Artist
Norman Issa – Actor
Hisham Suliman – Actor, Fauda, Director of the Arab Acting School in Nazareth
Professor Gad Kaynar Kissinger – President of the Israeli Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), and of ITI’s International Playwrights’ Forum (IPF)
Guy Elhanan– actor and educator