RAINING MEN – Carnival on the Battlefield

Choreography by Or Marin; Dramaturgy by Oran Nahum, Creating Dancers: Uri Dicker, Gilboa Egger, Tomer Giat

Set, Costume, and Soundtrack Design: Or Marin; Lighting Design: Omer Sheizaf

The work uses the masculine visuals of the three men, and tries to stretch their gender boundaries, to redefine the normative masculine/feminine in them. The piece explores the supernatural into the “ready-made” by tracing the power, violence, delicacy, sexuality, and the cravings within it. It examines our defining experience of men and their heroism, exposes androgynous creatures who do not know what role they should play, and whether they adhere to their transient purpose – heroes.
The work was made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, The Israeli Choreographers Association, RE-SEARCH Dance Center, Ha’boostan Arts School Netanya, and Rani Mediyan.
(*includes full nudity)




Or Marin and Oran Nahum, a couple in life and creation, have been working together since 2005. Their work is known by its visual aesthetics, use of vocal and textual work, contemporary dance, and performance. In 2015, the couple founded the RE-SEARCH Dance Center to train dancers according to this method and their perception of contemporary choreographic needs nowadays.
Or is a designer and choreographer, and Oran is a dramaturge and musician. The division of roles between the two makes the creation process whole and homogeneous, and the couple weaves textures and precise flavors needed for each and every piece: for the dancers, the theme, and its performance and physical quality.

Physical theatre Social and political issues