Panel discussion: From Page to Stage

Moderator: Hadar Galron

Adapting a book into a play is like finding a needle in a haystack or, perhaps, like traveling between two different dimensions. These two art forms could not be more different and yet their combination breeds a magnificent hybrid, an almost independent genre of theatre that brings to life and gives an audience to a story intended solely for the eyes and soul of a single reader. In recent years, this phenomenon has become increasingly popular in Israel and worldwide – and the variety of sources is practically endless – Biblical texts, fantasy books, family dramas, even personal diaries get their turn in the limelight and audiences can’t seem to get enough. What is it about this distinctive brew between the page and the stage that makes it so popular?
We invited some of Israel’s top playwrights and directors to discuss this conundrum and we suggest you take a page from our book and join in the conversation.

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Motti Lerner – Playwright, Passing the Love of Women
Aya Kaplan – Director, Adapter, A Tale of Love and Darkness
Shahar Pinkas – Playwright and Dramaturge, Next in Line
Hanan Snir – Director, To the End of the Land, Black Box
Ilan Ronen – Director, The Yellow Wind