Panel discussion: Embodying Meaning | Let’s Play it by Gender

Moderator: Yair Ashkenazi

Here’s a fun fact: Facebook has 58 gender options for its users. We’ve come a long way since there were only two options, and with such a vast variety of possible identities, there’s no wonder so many theatre-makers turn to their craft in order to delve into and explore this fascinating, critical subject. Of course, once we touch on gender, we automatically open the door to such burning issues as sexuality, relationships, sexual harassment, trans rights and even minority representation. How is this relatively new approach to gender and gender roles affecting the theatre both on and off stage? In what ways is it promoting new stage languages, perhaps even compelling theatre-makers to rethink norms, practices and conventions that up until now have been inseparable from their work? We’ve selected a diverse group of exciting young artists whose works have courageously, unabashedly and unhesitantly address these urgent questions and we’d love for you to meet them.

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Or Marin and Oran Nahum – Choreographs and Creators, Raining Men – Carnival on the Battlefield
Ido Rozenberg – Director, Passing the Love of Women
Gony Paz – Creator and Performer, We Blush
Nurit Dreamer – Playwright and Director, KUSHELIRABAK – A perfect wrong night