By Hanoch Levin

Directed by Yair Sherman

Lajcek’s old mother dies and he is on his way to inform the family about the date of the funeral, but his timing is not very convenient: his aunt Shratzia and his uncle Rasches are busy with the final preparations for their daughter Velvetzia’s wedding that will take place the next day, and they are determined to avoid receiving the bad news that would ruin their plans. After all, “You don’t just throw away four hundred guests and eight hundred chickens to the trash and cancel a hot wedding with meat and Cognac for a small elderly-woman’s funeral in the rain”.
The problem gets worse when Lajcek is determined to save his mother from a second death – being forgotten – and pursues the family to the end of the world in order to inform them of her death and invite them to the funeral.
A brilliant family comedy written by Hanoch Levin, one of Israel’s most prominent playwrights.


Yair Sherman
Director and set designer, graduated from AMDA, New York.
Directed the following productions: The King’s Clothes, Princess Yvonne, The Circle, The Wedding, and The Endless Griever (Goodman Acting School of the Negev; awards for best director, best show, and best actor in supporting role at the Teatralny Kufar International Festival in Minsk, 2017); The Lost Women of Troy (Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio); Mr. Weissberg Has No Leg, and The 14/48 Project (Short Theatre Festival at Tzavta); The Giant and His Garden (Beer Sheva Theatre for Children and Youth; a coproduction with Kamea Dance Company); The Bacchae (Tmuna Theatre; Golden Hedgehog Awards for best director and best show); Bat Yam (Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art; award for best show); Pirate Games, and A Toy’s Dream (Kamea Dance Company); The Lesson (Tzavta Theatre); and Inflatable Doll (The Arab-Hebrew Theatre).
Teaches acting at Goodman Acting School of the Negev and Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio.

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