Because the Night

A Dark Ride – A Performance Inside a Ghost Train

Ensemble 209

Created by Guy Gutman and Gabi Kricheli | Directed by Guy Gutman

Because the Night is a one-off art event. Twenty-one participants board a dark ride built especially for the event in a south Tel Aviv hangar, and go on a journey through the misty and starry darkness of the night. The journey inside the train cars carries the passengers/participants into a world of animals and nocturnal creatures, ghosts and spacemen. Traveling between rooms and forests, planets and stars, the ride slowly builds up into an all-encompassing, mesmerizing experience that echoes contemporary realities and dreams.

Because the Night is an invitation to an extraordinary mystery tour, an immersive art and performance experience in which we’re pulled into the depths of night, and fly into the future. A dark ride through a parallel universe.

Guy Gutman is an artist and director. His works have been featured in many international and Israeli festivals. He is the director of Miklat 209, and former head of the School of Visual Theatre. 


Gabi Kricheli is a multidisciplinary artist, and holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Alongside his visual practice, Kricheli is also a musician and a set designer for dance and theatre.

Ensemble 209 is a contemporary theatre company that operates in a wide artistic field. The group includes artists, performers, researchers, and intellectuals who work as a collective.

*Number of passengers: 21

*Participation is by advance registration with the Isra-Drama production staff.