After the novel by David Grossman, Written and Directed by Hanan Snir

This is a great love story between Ora, Avram, and Ilan, who meet in a hospital at the age of 16, in the midst of the Six Day War. This random encounter ties them together and shapes their fate, in light of the fragility and anxiety of Israeli existence.


35 years later, Ora, whose combat soldier son goes off on a military operation, runs away from home in order to avoid the torment of awaiting the tragic news that is bound to arrive: by refusing to accept the news, Ora hopes she might be able to prevent it and save her son. On her way to the Galilee, she almost kidnaps Avram, her childhood sweetheart, and for days and nights she travels with him across the country on foot, doing the only thing she can do to protect her son – she recounts his life story, as if through the power of this story alone she will keep him and herself safe from the dreaded news.


To the End of the Land is a story about love and unrequited love, about friendship and generosity between men, about parenthood and giving, and mostly about “family work”- the almost heroic effort to maintain the delicate fabric of a family, in face of the violence and terror, but also the beauty and warmth, of Israeli reality.

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