Written and Performed by Nataly Zukerman

Practice Makes Perfect is an autobiographical theatre piece based on Nataly Zukerman’s personal story. Nataly suffers from an unseen disability following a childhood accident. In her performance, we see Zukerman invite a running instructor, a professional dancer, her partner, friends, and family onto the stage to give her a series of exercises and lessons. Within the limitations of her disabled body, we witness the performer contend with everyday physical actions like getting up from the floor, falling, and walking. Through these mundane actions she is able to expose the intricate physical processes of our normative body that we take for granted. Winner of the “Golden Porcupine” award for Best Group Work.


“Zukerman is a relentless artist, who gives a very good answer to the question ‘what does it mean to be disabled?’ She stands proud and emotional when she speaks with the audience about her disability. A social, intrusive and important performance – which is the most personal there is”.

Ophir Hillel, NRG


Nataly Zukerman, a performance artist, has, in the past fifteen years, created various performances and participated in numerous theatre works around the world. Among them: Practice Makes Perfect, for which she won Best Performer (Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre 2015), A Family Tree (part of “A Broken Phone” event, Tzavta Theatre, Israel), The Other Body, for which she won Best Performer at the Israeli Fringe Awards 2014 (created together with Atalia Branzburg, Tmuna Theatre), Talking to the Bartender (performed in various bars, directed together with Lechay Beckerman), Willo&Robo (Wrap House, Norway), Are You Cold? (The National Review of Live Art, Scotland), It All Depends On Who Plays The Leading Part (Tramway Theatre and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

She is also a lecturer, a freelance dramaturge, and one of the initiators and artistic directors of “Talooy Bamakom – A Site Specific Festival” in Tel Aviv. She holds a BA in Education and Directing from The Kibbutzim College of Education, and another BA in Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She has just completed her MA in Theatre Studies from Tel Aviv University.

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