Eyal Weiser’s How’s the Beast? features three new fictitious artists – a Polish choreographer, a German-Israeli artist, and an Israeli performance artist. Working against the backdrop of Operation Protective Edge, the artists each create an artwork in response to an article published in the summer of 2014 in a German newspaper, which expressed concerns regarding Israel’s policy in Gaza.

Combining dance, video, and performance art and making use of a range of artistic tools and a special performative syntax, the three artists examine the normalization of relations among their countries, as well as the evolution of collective narratives following the Second World War.

The German-Israeli video artist Uriah Rhein-Merchav’s work is concerned with the co-dependent relations created between victim and perpetrator; the Polish choreographer Agnieszka Tz’zak creates a confessional performance that explores how Polish and Israeli societies come to terms with feelings of guilt; and the radical performance artist Liora Alshech, the soloist of the band Liora and the Schwarz Schwänze, is concerned with the enchanting, mesmerizing, spectacular effect of the war.

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