What Happened to the World:

Israeli Theatre in the Face of Future Challenges

The session offers a global take on some of humanity’s burning issues – from the loneliness epidemic in modern society and the breakdown of the traditional family structure, to the crisis of democracy, geopolitical wars, climate change, and AI technology. All of which compels us to wonder: Where is humanity heading?


Shifra Cornfeld, author, screenwriter, columnist, radio broadcaster, and television host.

Duration: 40 min



Tamar Keenan is a theatre director, playwright, translator, dramatist, and winner of the Yosef Millo Award for Outstanding Director, 2022. Since 2016, she has directed over a dozen plays in Israel’s leading theatres. Tamar also serves as the artistic director of Tzavta Theatre in Tel Aviv, and co-artistic director of the theatre’s celebrated One Act Play Festival.
Director of What Happened to The World, a Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv production.

Dr. Carmel Weissman is a researcher and lecturer on digital culture in the multidisciplinary program and the Cohen Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. Her areas of interest are a critical reading of the discourse on technological futurism, and examination of the religious aspects of technology. She owns the podcast “The Post-Human Condition”.


Ilan Ronen was the artistic director of Habima National Theatre from 2004 to 2016, after running two other theatres – The Jerusalem Khan Theatre and The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv. In the past decade, Ilan has paid considerable attention to the expansion of Habima’s international activity.

Director of (R)Evolution, a Gesher Theatre production.

Zvi Sahar is a director, actor, and puppeteer. Sahar established PuppetCinema in 2009, presenting Planet Egg at Puppet Lab at St. Ann’s Warehouse, NYC.

His works have participated in numerous international festivals, including BAM Next Wave Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Taiwan International Festival of Arts and more. Sahar was named Artistic Director of Itim Ensemble, established by director Rina Yerushalmi.

Director of Step, performed by Itim Ensemble.

Guy Gutman is an artist and director. His works have been featured in many international and Israeli festivals. He is the director of Miklat 209, and former head of the School of Visual Theatre.

Co-creator and director of Because the Night, performed by Ensemble 209.

Binyamin Yom Tov is a multifaceted actor and creator from Tel Aviv, known for his award-winning performance in the show Tavas. Binyamin’s artistic exploration is often themed around identity, stereotypes, archetypes, and blurring the lines between autobiography and fantasy.

Creator and performer of Narkis.

Nataly Zukerman is an independent performance artist, dramaturg, artistic director, and lecturer. She has created and participated in numerous theatre, dance, and performance works, globally, spanning her twenty-year career. Nataly’s work deals with notions of body, identity and disability, as she creates autobiographical and interdisciplinary works.

Co-creator and co-director of Blueberry.

Tomer Koppel is a professional actor who has appeared in television and numerous theatre productions. Since 2020, Tomer has been working as a guide for healthy sexuality and sex education for teens in schools.

Co-creator and co-director of Blueberry.