A Mythical Tale of a Modern Narcissist

Created and Performed by Binyamin Yom Tov
Directed and Co-written by Shani Shabtai
Musician, Co-director, and Co-writer: Daniel Magon

With his follow-up piece to the cult hit show Tavas (Peacock), Binyamin returns to the stage. This time, he engages with his own reflections. He explores his body, the way he walks, and the glint in his eyes. As a homosexual man, he plays with the possibility of being attracted to himself, taking himself on a date, and having a romantic relationship with himself. Blurring the boundaries between the biographical and the imaginary, Binyamin embarks on a psychedelic journey that starts at a nightclub in Tel Aviv, and winds up on Mount Olympus. He uses ancient and contemporary archetypes to redefine the common perception of “narcissism” as self-love that may lead to healing rather than destruction. Accompanied by live electronic music, Binyamin fuses stand-up comedy, classic theatre, and visual theatre, transforming the tragic myth of Narcissus into a contemporary and absurd comedy. Winner of Best Actor Award from the Israeli Comedy Festival, and at The Ephraim Kishon Comedy Festival in Jerusalem. 


Binyamin Yom Tov is a multifaceted actor and creator from Tel Aviv, known for his award-winning performance in the show Tavas. Binyamin’s artistic exploration is often themed around identity, stereotypes, archetypes, and blurring the lines between autobiography and fantasy. He grew up in Netanya, a city in Israel’s geosocial periphery, steeped in a conservative atmosphere, the youngest of four children in a traditional Jewish-Persian family. Following his military service, he began studying and practicing different aspects of the performing arts, dreaming of someday creating his own show. Together with Shani Shabtai and Daniel Magon, he created the autobiographical fantasy Tavas, which encapsulates his colorful origins and rich background.


Shani Shabtai is a creator, actress, director, and teacher of performance and theatre.

Daniel Magon is a creator, actor, musician, singer, voice actor, director, and translator.

The production is grateful to Ariel Bronz and Danny Carmi Panov. 

Produced with the support of the Israeli Lottery Council for Culture and Arts, Habait Theatre, and Incubator Theatre. The production premiered at the Ephraim Kishon Comedy Festival, where it won Best Actor Award.