A Confessional Female Performance Exploring Our Primal Need to Be Seen

Created by Alit Kreiz


Alit Kreiz invites three distinctive women of different ages to be her friends on stage for just one hour. What they all have in common is the magnetizing passion to exist within a work of art, in front of an audience. Their identity is built and dismantled by the audience’s gaze at them, and their gaze at the audience. They play remembering and forgetting, exile and belonging, beginnings and endings. Their personal narratives become entangled; the layers of their stories are revealed as part of an emotional striptease, and accumulate on stage as a pile of underwear alongside bouquets of flowers from a never-ending premiere. The performance looks at the models in our life; it empowers us to overcome expectations about our identities and roles, and leads us to truly understand what inspires us to be ourselves.

Model is a work that will read your thoughts, a work that will fantasize about you, that will make you its best friend. It will take care of you, and in the end also thank you.

Alit Kreiz is a performance art creator, an actress, and a lecturer. For the past twenty-five years she has been devising multidisciplinary performance-based, autobiographical, audience participation, and site-specific works. Her devised projects aim to investigate an open and honest way of communication, in order to reach a mutual humanistic understanding. Alit has been performing both in Europe and Israel. As artistic director of A2 Company, a London-based performance collaboration (1999-2015), Alit presented works in London, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Dortmund, Ljubljana, and Jerusalem. Alit also co-created works as a member of The People Show Company, the legendary UK performance art group. In Israel, Alit created solo autobiographical performances at Tmu-na Theatre and Tel Aviv Museum. Her recent autobiographical ensemble creation is performed at Habait Theatre. Her site-specific and participatory works have been presented at Tel Aviv Museum, The City Museum, Tel Aviv, Hulda Forest, Petach Tikva Museum for Modern Art, The Pussycat – ExStrip Club, Israel Festival, Mekudeshet Festival, Loving Art-Making Art Festival, Haifa Museum for Modern Art, Hazira Performance Art Arena, and Tel Aviv Site-Specific Festival, among others.